Their Little Girl

The last eight months of Erica’s life haven’t been easy. She’s been struggling to keep her grades up and dealing with the fact that her mother abandoned her, leaving her all alone with two gorgeous men, Daddy and David – her stepfather and his adopted son.

The last thing Erica wants is to be a burden on either of them, so she keeps up with her studies, and does her best to make sure their home is clean and tidy.

Now that it’s time for Erica’s high school graduation, Daddy and David have planned a graduation gift for Erica, a very special reward their little girl will never forget – the chance to be with two men at the same time.

“Their Little Girl” is over 50 pages of heart pounding, sexy menage that’s sure to leave you panting for more.

* * Warning – contains erotic sex scenes with three sexy characters (M/F/M) doing naughty things to each other; 18+ Adult eyes only * *

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  Sophie’s Sweet Temptation (Sweet Temptations #1)

Eighteen year old Sophie is dying to finally feel passion, to experience what sex is like, but all the boys her age not only bore her, the mere thought of being with one actually turns her off.

On a weekend over at her best friend Abby’s house, Sophie bumps into Abby’s father who’s usually away on business. Single and in his early forties, Mr. Taylor inspires in Sophie the type of lust all the boys in her school could only dream of causing her. Sophie assumes, however, that the chances of Mr. Taylor returning her ‘affections’ is nil so she does her best to suppress them.

After an embarrassing incident involving a sauce stain and basketball shorts, an immense lust is unleashed that neither can deny. They both know it’s wrong. Still, as the night goes on, will Mr. Taylor hold back his desire for Sophie? Or will he give in and take what she is so willing to offer?

This story contains sexually explicit content, and is approximately 22 pages.

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Sophie’s Sweet Surprise (Sweet Temptations #2)

For the last few weeks, Sophie and Mr. Taylor have been doing their best to keep their forbidden relationship a secret. With Prom approaching, Sophie is under more pressure than ever to keep up the pretenses of being a single girl, when all she really wants is to spend that special night wrapped in her best friend’s father’s arms.

Will Mr. Taylor find a way to give his Sweet Sophie the Prom Night she’s always dreamed about?

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   Tied To You

Professor Robert Mason is finally ready to collar his submissive/girlfriend.

Wanting to make the event as memorable as possible, he decides to take her on a picnic in the meadow near his country estate where they will spend the day eating and enjoying one another’s company before Robert has her bound to a tree and at his mercy.

Gabriella, a student from Professor Mason’s Human Sexuality class, is more than eager to submit to Robert and finally be able to claim him as her Master.

Warning – This title contains sexually explicit content, and depicts consensual but taboo sex between a college professor and student, bondage and dominance, sex toys, and oral sex.

Available Exclusively on Amazon for Kindle

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