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Our goal at Mayhem Erotica is to provide readers with the best in sensual storytelling by merging dynamic and well-developed characters. With intriguing plots and tantalizing love scenes, our writers will deliver readers to new depths of debauchery by arousing and stimulating the senses.

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Mayhem Erotica Publishing would like you to join us in celebrating our official company launch. Readers are invited to participate in an ME Author Q&A, Self-Publishing Discussion, Pimp Your Porn Hour, Exclusive Teasers, and a Giveaway of over $1,000.00 in prizes!

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What better way to kick off the Mayhem Erotica Launch than with a FREE read?
Tasting the Forbidden is a Mayhem Erotica Anthology with 6 steamy stories of Forbidden Desire that will have you squirming in your seat!
It will be available FREE on February 23rd in all eReader formats.

Coming in 2013 to Mayhem Erotica – Anything He Desires

Three weeks into her new job at Wentworth Enterprises, and mail clerk Hallie Denton is already feeling the nine to five blues. Her boss is a bitch, she’s buried under a mound of student loans, and her degree in Modern Dance isn’t bringing home the bacon. Now to top it all off, she’s on the radar of the arrogant but gorgeous CMO, Michael Wentworth, sole heir to the Wentworth Dynasty and all-around pain in the ass.

Hallie’s never felt this kind of attraction, but so far, Michael’s arrogance and domineering personality have been more than enough to make her want to steer clear, at least until it seems there might be more than meets the eye when it comes to the mercurial Michael Wentworth and his silver tongue.

Can Hallie resist Michael’s advances? Or will she give him anything he desires?

Coming to Mayhem Erotica in 2013