Sophie’s Sweet Surprise Teaser

Excerpt from Sophie’s Sweet Surprise (Sweet Temptations #2)  

Coming December 2012

From the patio, I could see through the sliding glass doors and into the darkened kitchen, but when I tried the latches, they were both locked. There was another set of glass double doors at the back of the house though that opened right into Jack’s bedroom. My skin tingled with excitement when I realized he’d left them unlocked for me.

The moment my gaze landed on his king-size bed, memories flooded my brain—thoughts of him inching his way down, kissing me, working his way toward my sensitive clit, fingers sliding inside, stretching me as he prepared me to take his thick cock. Dizzy with lust, my fingertips skimmed the soft sheets, remembering how I clutched them in my hands as Mr. Taylor took control, driving into me, nailing me to the mattress as he claimed my virginity and made me come harder than ever before—pushing me to the brink and beyond even my wildest desires.

Inevitably, I wanted more. Needed more.

After a second clandestine meeting the weekend of my sleepover, we had only been able to meet up one other time, and that was days ago. Once would have never been enough. Mr. Taylor had managed to awaken a desire in me so strong it was practically insatiable. I couldn’t think of anything but him. As eager as I was to be wrapped in that man’s arms again, I snapped out of my distracting thoughts before quickly tossing my overnight bag on the bed, removing my shoes, shorts, and bra until I was in nothing but a thin blue tank-top and panties.

My hands shook a little as I approached the bathroom door. I could hear the shower running, and an image of a very wet, very naked Mr. Taylor popped into my head. I couldn’t get in there fast enough.

“I’m here—” I began, but when my gaze landed on the glass shower stall in the corner, I was stunned to silence by the sight in front of me. Mr. Taylor’s hand was braced on the tiled wall, his fingers splayed out as he balanced himself, his head thrown back while he fisted his cock, pumping himself furiously. Damn. My mouth went dry at the thought of stroking him, running my hands up and down his silky-smooth skin.

In a daring move I would have never attempted before my experiences with Mr. Taylor, I pressed my body against the glass, tracing the rivulets of water streaming down from the inside with a single finger. It didn’t take long for him to notice me standing there, and when he did, his eyes widened.

Now I have his attention.

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Tied to You

Professor Robert Mason is finally ready to collar his submissive/girlfriend.
Wanting to make the event as memorable as possible, he decides to take her on a picnic in the meadow near his country estate where they will spend the day eating and enjoying one another’s company before Robert has her bound to a tree and at his mercy.
Gabriella, a student from Professor Mason’s Human Sexuality class, is more than eager to submit to Robert and finally be able to claim him as her Master.

Warning – This title contains sexually explicit content, and depicts consensual but taboo sex between a college professor and student, bondage and dominance, sex toys, and oral sex.

With a single finger, he traced the curve of her neck, the shell of her ear, and her slightly fuller bottom lip. At an agonizing pace, he teased her, sliding his finger from her lips straight down, against her neck, between her breasts, and over her stomach till he could feel the rough lace of her panties brushing against his fingertips.

With skilled hands, he parted her thighs, opening her till he could see the soaked, satin-covered lips of her pussy. Robert could almost taste the intoxicating heat radiating from between her smooth legs, making his mouth water and his cock become impossibly hard at the memory of her singular flavor dancing on his tongue, sinfully enticing him more and more till he could do nothing but helplessly lap at the source.

Just knowing how good she tasted, how good she could make him feel, it was agony being so close, yet still so far.

No one, nothing, had ever felt as good as Gabriella – as tight.

“You’re so wet, kitten. Does it turn you on – being naked out here in the open air?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered quietly, her bottom lip tugging at her teeth. It took every ounce of restraint he possessed not to push her against a tree and fuck her till his thick cum ran down her supple thighs.

Coming in 2013 to Mayhem Erotica – Anything He Desires

Three weeks into her new job at Wentworth Enterprises, and mail clerk Hallie Denton is already feeling the nine to five blues. Her boss is a bitch, she’s buried under a mound of student loans, and her degree in Modern Dance isn’t bringing home the bacon. Now to top it all off, she’s on the radar of the arrogant but gorgeous CMO, Michael Wentworth, sole heir to the Wentworth Dynasty and all-around pain in the ass.

Hallie’s never felt this kind of attraction, but so far, Michael’s arrogance and domineering personality have been more than enough to make her want to steer clear, at least until it seems there might be more than meets the eye when it comes to the mercurial Michael Wentworth and his silver tongue.

Can Hallie resist Michael’s advances? Or will she give him anything he desires?

Coming to Mayhem Erotica in 2013